"Coping with hearing loss is not easy, so it is great to find a team of experts who listen, have compassion and patience, and do their best to achieve the best results with the patient.

You will find all this at Hearing Care Center, where I have gone for years."

~ Charlotte S.

Meet the Staff

Hearing Care Center has a diverse staff who allows us to offer more than just hearing aid services. The owner, Carol Rexrode is a Board Certified Hearing Instrument Specialist (BC-HIS) with over 27 years of experience. Also on staff is a licensed clinical audiologist, Pamela G Houck, Au.D, and Janet Miller, hearing instrument specialist.

Carol Rexrode

Carol Rexrode, BC-HIS

Pam Houck

Pam G. Houck, Au.D

Janet Miller

Janet Miller, HIS

Susan martin

Susan Martin, Office Manager

The History of Hearing Care Center

Leonard Lesecki founded Hearing Care Center in 1950 in the Nissen building in downtown Winston-Salem. In the mid-1960s, the center moved to the Robert E. Lee Hotel and office complex, and John Wadsworth purchased the practice. In 1971, Hearing Care Center moved to Peters Creek Parkway. Service centers were established in Stokes and Surry counties in the mid-1970s, and hearing care services were offered in other rural areas on a routine basis. Audiology services were introduced in 1982 when Dr. Brooks Neff acquired the practice. Hearing Care Center was relocated to an office complex on Silas Creek Parkway in the mid-1980s.

In 1991, Dr. Neff merged his practice with Dr. F.R. Glatz and remained independent while providing audiology services in conjunction with otolaryngology services at Westgate Center Circle. Dr. Glatz closed his ENT practice in July 1998, and in August 1998, Carol Rexrode joined Hearing Care Center as a partner. Dr. Neff sold Hearing Care Center to Carol Rexrode in August 1999 but remained active with the practice until his retirement in May 2001. In August 2001, the building at Westgate Center Circle was sold, and Hearing Care Center relocated to 150 Charlois Blvd. In January of 2006, Hearing Care Center moved to a permanent home at our present location of 3111 Maplewood Ave., Suite 107.

1950s Winston-Salem

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